Revivals Stores Celebrate 25 Years in Business With a Thrifty Treasure Hunt Featuring Hidden Deals and Discounts

Revivals Stores Celebrate 25 Years in Business With a Thrifty Treasure Hunt Featuring Hidden Deals and Discounts

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Written By: Leslie Gonzalez 

Photography Provided By: Tes Schaff Revivals Stores 25th Anniversary

There’s nothing more exciting than the thrill of a bargain hunt. There’s no telling what will be discovered while perusing through a thrift store, whether it’s a kitschy cookie jar, a 1965 Smith Corona typewriter or a pair of retro bell-bottom jeans. Finding that perfect vintage piece makes thrifting all the more fun, and there’s no better time to shop than during Revivals’ 25th Anniversary treasure hunt celebration in Palm Springs, Cathedral City and Palm Desert.

Revivals has been commended for being one of the Coachella Valley’s resale and brand new furniture industry leaders, and after 25 years of success, Desert AIDS Project (DAP) is celebrating Revivals’ 25th Anniversary with an exciting treasure hunt. Between now and Nov. 25, all three Revivals locations will sticker and hide 25 unique items (both resale and new) throughout the store for customers to find. When shoppers find any of the marked items, they are rewarded with an additional 50% discount! Revivals Stores 25th Anniversary

The anticipation of discovering something special at an affordable price is what lures customers to Revivals. However, it’s not the store’s only appeal; Revivals’ brand strategy also lends a helping hand to the community. “Revivals has three basic brand promises: it’s discoverability, affordability and community,” says Desert AIDS Project Director of Brand Marketing Steven Henke. “Those are the three things that matter most to our customers.” Revivals Stores 25th Anniversary

Since their doors opened in 1995, Revivals contributes  100% of their proceeds to fund comprehensive healthcare, a $1 million annual contribution, to 7,000 individuals in need who call DAP their healthcare home. The store serves customers with reasonable prices and serves the community with quality healthcare and specialty HIV care, especially during the pandemic.

Just this year, DAP opened a COVID-19 triage clinic. Since its opening, DAP has been able to test over 5,000 Coachella Valley residents, which is an achievement that further emulates their commitment to the community. 

“We all watched the news; half of the people did not have access to healthcare and have an underlying health issue,” says Henke. “No one should be without access to healthcare…whether it’s primary care, behavioral healthcare or dental care, we believe that health equity is important.”

As much as Revivals cherishes their customers, it’s the 180 volunteers, some of whom have given 13,000 hours of their time, that make the shopping experience that much sweeter. 

“For the anniversary, we’re lifting up our volunteers,” Henke says. “Our volunteers are incredibly dedicated, and we like to say that our volunteers are changing the world one hour at a time.”

Revivals’ dedication to their community and volunteers makes the customer’s shopping experience exciting and purposeful. Not only do customers get a once-in-a-lifetime deal, but they contribute their shopping experience to a valuable cause. Now that’s a steal!


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