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It's all in the mix

Dann Foley Lifestyle Pops Up Alongside Mode Furniture at Revivals Palm Springs.

Dann Foley and Beau Stinnette and their new furniture collection at Revivals
Dann Foley and Beau Stinnette of Foley & Stinnette Interior Design present a collaboration with Revivals: It’s All in the Mix.
words by Daniele Vaillancourt
photography by Donato Di Natale

Award-winning, longtime desert interior designer Dann Foley has taken up residence at Revivals Palm Springs thrift store in the form of a popup shop displaying various luxurious yet relatively affordable new items from his Dann Foley Lifestyle home collection. Foley — named best product designer at the Dallas Furniture Market’s 2024 Annual ARTS Awards — and his business partner Beau Stinnette formed Foley & Stinnette Interior Design in Palm Springs a quarter century ago. They’re experts in the art of transitional design, which mixes old and new, modern and traditional. It therefore makes perfect sense that the Foley pop-up — which features sofas, armchairs, coffee and accent tables, floor and table lamps, decorative pillows, mirrors, floor cushions, art, and so much more — be nestled in a resale retailer famously beloved for its wide array of preloved treasures as well as its own brand of new Mode furniture. It all amounts to the desert’s best one-stop-shop for creating a home décor that folds vintage finds into the latest and greatest available. Not for nothing is Foley’s new coffee table book titled “It’s All in the Mix: Design Ideas for Living Well.” The tome, a blend of stunning visuals and practical advice, serves as inspiration for aspiring decorators, guiding them on how to blend design elements to create unique spaces that enhance their lives.”

“Revivals’ Mode brand of furniture signals a new kind of philanthropy, because by coming into one of our stores and purchasing new furniture that’s stylish yet still affordable, the shopper helps fund DAP Health’s programs and services for their neighbors who receive care at one of its clinics.”

“With the combination of existing pre-loved items and new Dann Foley Lifestyle pieces on display within the pop-up store, we provide a space where customers can clearly see how to create their own unique and affordable combinations,” says DAP Health Chief of Brand Marketing Steven Henke. “Revivals is the valley’s go-to place to flex your DIY design muscles.” As the aficionados of all things midcentury descended upon Palm Springs for the last weekend of Modernism Week on Saturday, February 24, Revivals launched the pop-up with a Q&A between Foley, Stinnette, and Henke, who took questions from some 50 people in attendance. Of note, the free event was the only one held during Modernism Week that benefited a local health care organization. Like its sister outposts in Cathedral City, Palm Desert, and Indio, Revivals Palm Springs — staffed mainly by volunteers — donates 100% of its profits to DAP Health.

During the nearly hourlong chat, the talented and dynamic design duo offered valuable complimentary tips to help audience members — and readers here — achieve a harmonious and personalized home. An edited sampling of their wisdom follows.

Steven Henke
DAP Health Chief of Brand Marketing Steven Henke
First things first. How do you ensure Dann Foley Lifestyle designs are accessible without compromising on style or craftsmanship?

Everything we have here at Revivals — and what’s coming; there’ll be more; make sure you stop back — is about making exclusive style affordable for everybody. The pieces you see here are the same pieces we either create or buy for our very high-end design clients, but we’ve reinvented them to make them really easy for everybody to have.

What’s the best way to come in to shop at Revivals?

The trick is to not come in with a narrow vision. Come in with an open mind, because design is never carved in stone. It’s really a fluid process that you feel your way through. Changes happen along the way. It’s very organic. So don’t think that you’re gonna come in and find that sofa or that chair or that lamp today. Come in and be inspired by those things you see.

What’s a “wow” piece?

It’s the beginning of any great design. Every space has one. The idea is that when you enter a room, the eye needs some place to focus first, and then everything else revolves around that. The focal point or that wow piece is generally one you spend some money on, but then we balance out the budget by being careful with everything else.

Why mix new and vintage?

Because there’s nothing more powerful, whether you take a traditional space and add something modern, or take a modern space and add something traditional. What happens when you bring that kind of contrast into a space is you enliven both. You make both more important and more exciting

What should people do with collections, AKA junk?

There is no such thing as junk if you love it and it’s meaningful. Bring these pieces together. A collection is never stronger than when it’s in the same area, in the same view, so that there’s an immediate relationship between each item. And it doesn’t mean it has to be all of the same color or all from the same trip or all from the same place. A collection is also created through items that have similarities and tell a story. Because at the end of the day, your house, your rooms, and your collections, they’re about the story of you. And that’s what your home is supposed to be.

How can you get a new look without spending a dime?

One of the easiest ways to make a room feel completely fresh without buying anything is to move things around. Most people think, “I can’t. The sofa’s been here forever. That’s where it’s supposed to be.” That’s when we know something’s wrong. This painting may have hung in this room — maybe over this sofa — for the last 20 or more years. Why not just take it down and move it into a completely different room in a different space? What’s in the bedroom can go in the living room. What’s in the living room can go in the dining room. What’s in the family room, can go into a den, kitchen, or a guest bedroom. And that way, without spending any money, you have a totally new perspective. Your friends will think you redecorated when you didn’t. [But somehow, you did! Another simple change is color. Paint! Don’t be afraid of it. It’s just paint. You can change it easily.

Let’s talk about lighting.

We love dimmers. We all need dimmers. Dimmers on switches. Dimmers on cords. When light changes, paint changes, art changes. Everything changes as the day changes. Lighting is so important, and you really need to get that right. No fluorescent light bulbs. LED lights have gotten so much better, and they’re dimmable now. Lighting is everything.

What’s the first piece to get and then design around?

There’s no rule. Sometimes it’s an existing piece. Oftentimes it’s something new. We have a lot of clients who say, “Well, I’ve been told we have to find the rug first or the sofa first.” You know, there are so few things where we say, “No, that’s wrong, that’s not right.” This happens to be one of them. It’s about inspiration. It’s about what draws your attention. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chair, a rug, a sofa, a piece of art, or even just a pillow. We can do an entire room based on somebody falling in love with a monkey pillow. Or even a solid-color pillow! That jumping off point is the beginning of inspiration.

The Dann Foley Lifestyle Pop-Up Shop is open at Revivals Palm Springs, 611 South Palm Canyon Drive  
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