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When is time to replace your mattress?


Have you been questioning why it takes time to fall asleep or why your back hurts when you wake up each morning? Most likely it is time to consider replacing your mattress. If you follow the manufactures care instructions, it should be good for 7-to10 years. The mattress should give you comfort and support.  

When is a good time to replace your mattress? Consider the following: 

  • Your mattress is torn or damaged 
  • You wake up with aches and soreness 
  • Your mattress is noisy 
  • It is harder or softer since you bought it 
  • Your mattress is saggy, asymmetrical or lumpy 
  • It takes you hours to get to sleep 
  • You experience increased allergies or asthma 

Oftenwe ignore these signs and continue sleeping on an old mattress, only to continue feeling fatigued. Now is the time to consider purchasing a new mattress to enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

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