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A message from Dane Koch, Director of Retail

Most of our shoppers know that for the last 25 years, 100% of Revivals profits have helped fund the compassionate work of Desert AIDS Project.  Today, we have exciting news.  DAP has a new name and it is DAP Health.

For years its patients and our friends have called it The DAP,  and with the name change, they are making it easier to think about DAP if you or someone you love needs health care.
Humanitarian, inclusive, courageous, inventive, and conscientious, DAP Health understands that wellness brings hope and that health equity leads to equality.
The name DAP Health conveys a commitment to the greater good and the diversity of over 8,000 people who call DAP their health care home.  It also retains and honors the organization’s founding, with the letters DAP.  

CEO David Brinkman explains, “When we say DAP is expanding its commitment to health equity, we mean we’re willing to do the work to give everyone the same opportunities at health, based on their needs and not their income.”
And as 2021 unfolds, DAP Health will continue to promote the wellbeing of individuals by creating solutions to reduce or eliminate disparities in underserved populations.
Although the word “AIDS” will no longer appear in the DAP Health logo, providing care and services to people with HIV–and ending the HIV epidemic-are still core to DAP Health. This includes caring for our HIV patients, throughout their lives, and into geriatric care.

DAP Health Has A History Worth Remembering

In 1984, a group of grassroots volunteers recognized that a new, mysterious virus was sowing devastation in the LGBTQ+ population. They mobilized to found Desert AIDS Project (DAP) to make a real, lasting difference in the lives of all those who call the Coachella Valley home.  In the three dozen years since, the board, staff, and volunteers of DAP have persevered and prevailed in that mission.
The name change came after months of internal and external surveys, focus groups, and conversations. Thousands of patients, staff, donors, volunteers, and community leaders all weighed in. “We heard the community clearly when they told us that it was time for a name change, but the history of DAP should not be forgotten in the process.”  
Stay with us this year as we update you on our plans to unveil two new spaces inside The Barbara Keller Love Building  that honor our 36-year history and the community members who built DAP.
DAP  will grow in 2021 and keep making it easier for people to find the important care they need through DAP Health. Today’s top barriers people are facing are sheltering-in-place fatigue, and lack of insurance. We’ve been paying attention to what patients tell us they need to stay engaged in health care because experts warn us this must not be overlooked during this pandemic.
Because everyone deserves to live their best life – We welcome you to DAP Health!

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