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Remembering Tom Weeks, a long term volunteer


Tom Weeks was a selfless man. He was more eager for others’ happiness than his own.  Even when he showed up to work not feeling well, he would carry on because he didn’t want to let anyone down. He also would bring a smile and a laugh, to his co-workers and customers-his Revivals family and friends with the help of a crazy hat. 

 Tom was scheduled to work four shifts per week, but he would remain at the store long after his shift ended, minglingsometimes flirting, with customers. He knew each person by name. Tom also would shop for CDs for hours because he didn’t want to go home. Tom also became friends with my best friend, Grace, whom I’m sure will miss singing the Common Core Alphabet Song with him. 

He had two cats, which he loved, but they were a handful. He was often afraid of the disarray they often made, which he loved but they were a handful. He was often afraid of the disarray they often made. Of course, Tom had to clean up the mess when he got home. 

Tom’s off time was spent socializing with members of his Revivals family, dining, or running errands.  We once took a trip to L.A. for lunch and to visit Amoeba- one of our favorite stores– where we spent hours shopping for CDs. Another highlight of the time I spent with Tom was when we saw Bernadette Peters in concert together. After the showwe waited at the back door and got to meet her and get her autograph. Apparently, Tom knew her and has seen her many times. Davis 


Tom was an icon at Revivals. He had a loyal following of customers. They were his unofficial, fan club, which made it fun to visit the store. It was obvious the reason they shopped at Revivals was not only because of ouname but also because Tom far exceeded the expectations required of him. I was and always will be envious and encouraged to follow suit. Tom, rest in peace. You are missed. T.M. 


About Tom 

On my first day, I was greeted by Tom, who became a fast friend.  Tom and I moved here from Santa Barbara and we found that we had lot in common.  Tom was supportive and helpful and quick to give positive feedback and a pat on the back.  What was even more extraordinary, was Tom’s relationship with Revivals customers.  Every customer would make a bee-line to Tom the moment they walked in the door. He knew about their new jobs, their kids, and their lives, and they would all leave with a smile on their facethanks to Tom’s warmth and sense of humor.  Tom became my friend at Revivals, and I’m going to miss him. Kathy

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