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Process of elimination

Choose a section from home to begin this process. Start by targeting these things that you can throw away now. Anything that you haven’t used really in a period of a year. That includes, clothes, kitchenware, kids toys, electronics.


As a rule of thumb, get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past year. Organize label boxes, clothes by size and category, jeans, t-shirts, dresses, sweaters,  to be ready to drop off and donate.

Kids clothes

Once you are done with your closet, move on to your children’s closets. Since they outgrow things constantly this will be easy to decide what to keep and what should get in a box to get donated. Do the same label by size and category.


You can’t have enough shoes, but if you haven’t worn them in the past year and are still in good conditions donate them.

Formal wear

How many bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses or men suits we keep just hanging in our closets taking space we don’t need. We use it once, and then we buy a new one for the next occasion. Why not donate and free up closet space for something you’ll wear more than once. Men suits by donating to our stores might give someone the luck for that interviewing job or that special event in a man’s life.


Maybe you renovated your kitchen and now want a different color for your hardware, so donate that old hardware if it’s in good condition. Coffee mugs, nice sets of utensils are good to donate. Food storage containers without lids are useless. Also if they have food stains or cracks the same, do not donate. Baking sheets that have some dark cooking spots that are no good to donate so throw them away.

Single socks

Everyone knows the story of the single sock without a mate. If you can’t complete the pairs, it’s time to toss it. 


We all have some makeup we love and sometimes do not use it as often and many of them are only good for 12 months. This includes lipsticks, gloss, powder eyeshadows and blush. Other makeup like mascara has a three-month life once opened. So anything you have been saving in your makeup bag for more than a year, just toss it and buy a new one.


If you have an old TV with VHS and they still work, you can donate those to our stores and our team in the electronics department can get those fixed and ready to be purchased. If those items are broken, and are no longer functional, look for a recycling program in your community.

Once you have finished choosing what you will keep and what you will donate. Organize them in label boxes, and once we reopen our stores we would be more than happy to take them away from your hands. Your donations help us continue to support clients each day at Desert AIDS Project. Acceptable items should be clean and in working conditions.

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