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Create a cozy and warm coffee table this fall with style

Want to give your living room a spark? We will tell you how to create a coffee table perfectly styled like a pro; there are only four simple things to consider.

Make it personal 

Your coffee table will be the focal point when your guests arrive in your living room. Share pieces that say a little about your personality. Let the objects tell about yourself, your passions, and your memories. Your coffee table is a great place to rotate decorative elements for each season of the year.  

 Maintain balance  

Display items in scale to keep your coffee table balanced. Place big and small items such as big books or flower vases with a selection of tiny decorative candles. Avoid displaying large objects only, so your table looks balanced and beautiful, not cluttered and messy.  

Use a tray  

A tray serves to keep small items organized. It also provides structure and symmetry in the arrangement of your tabletop items. The purpose of the tray helps you keep the space organized and easy to move around. Trays become handy when guests come over to visit while enjoying some refreshments.   

Contrast colors  

Choose decor that plays with your space. If the table is white or neutral, choose pieces to make the table stand out from your room colors. Choose your fun, antique, or modern pieces to add a spark. If the table is solid wood, showcase metallic and crisp white tabletops items. A coffee table is a perfect space to add your vintage, thrift store finding to show your unique style. 

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