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Consider these five things when buying Accent Chairs

When starting the process of decorating your home, remember—each piece of furniture you select is an investment. That is why when the time comes to purchase an accent chair, no matter how big or small, you want to take your time to make a smart buy.

Before you make a purchase, here are few things to consider when buying an Accent Chair:

  • Size and measurements- Taking measurements for an accent chair is just as important when you are buying a sofa. Do not skip this step in the process; it is highly recommended. This is to ensure the space where you are placing the accent chair fits and is aligned with other pieces of furniture in the same space.
  • Fabric- Some factors to consider besides complementing colors and patterns already in your home are:  Is the material okay with kids? Is it pet-friendly? Is the material durable for everyday use?
  • Style- Define your home style and take risks when choosing your accent chair. What statement do you want to make? What color would bring the room alive?. If you’re not sure what style works best for your space, we have an expansive selection to choose from.
  • Placement- Will it provide an additional seat for your living room? If your chair will be used at a table, you might want to keep the height in mind when choosing the style of the chair. Between color and size choices, your options are endless.
  • Usage- If the usage of the chair is for daily use, you’re going to want to choose comfort. But, if the chair is only to fill a space to add a unique piece of furniture, style and pattern might be your focus.

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