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Desert AIDS Project CEO recovering after testing positive for COVID-19

David Brinkman, CEO of Desert AIDS Project was diagnosed with COVID-19, and he shared his journey with the Desert Sun Newspaper. “It quickly became clear that by sharing my story, I could help our community and DAP win the war against this virus. So here I am, using this platform to educate, decrease fear, and inspire hope” says Brinkman.

With the recent opening of COVID-19 triage clinics at DAP, he reflects on the early days of DAP founders when AIDS created fear and would paralyzed individuals from taking action, creativity and power, but they instead chose to act by creating a home-like the Desert AIDS Project.

David Brinkman DP CEO at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards

This pandemic today will not be the case, we have learned from the past and we will continue fighting by prioritizing the services and his focus along with everyone at DAP. “What comes to mind is not about my being tested and proving positive. It’s about reflecting upon all of us going through this pandemic together,” says Brinkman.

Brinkman reminds the community of his priority and commitment that goes on hand with the amazing team of infectious disease specialists and nurses at DAP to serve anyone from the Coachella Valley who needs care.

Daniel Vailancourt, local writer spoke with David Brinkman about his experience with COVID-19, read the interview here.


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