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50 Second Find, Episode 12 – A Tale of Two Trays

In this week’s 50 Second Find, we’re serving up trays. While researching these pieces, I was fascinated by what we each of us consider important as we shop or add to a collection. Is the history of an item important? This Kensington tray marks an important time in history. The newly discovered aluminum alloy was introduced in 1937 and was remarkable for it’s price point and it’s durability. It doesn’t tarnish or rust. (The reflection was so clean that it was kind of a pain to photograph.) Or is something important because it’s current? The Jonathan Adler peacock tray is a fresh and modern interpretation of 1970s’ chic. This is from his signature collection, not a sub-brand from a major retailer. And at Revivals’s prices, it’s a great investment in style.


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