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Revivals Stores recently staged a home for Allen Group Real Estate — using art, lighting, rugs, and furniture from our Scott Living and Mode at Revivals collections.  When staging a home, the goal is always to transform the space into a potential buyer’s dream home.  This is best accomplished by paying attention to light and dozens of design details.  We also feel it’s important to arrange furnishings in such a way that buyers can easily imagine the home having ample personal space for conversations and new memories with their friends and family.  Here is a list of five finishing touches that can make any home shine.

Living Room Furniture - Home Staging Palm Springs
1. It’s all about the light. Bring the outside inside. Light colored tile and white walls reflect light beautifully and create the perfect canvas for texture, color, and art. Make certain your home photos show your house as light and bright. People will see it as a happier space simply because it is well lit. This is what you need to get top dollar for your house.

New Living Room Furniture - Home Staging Palm Springs
2. Create more personal space. It’s easy to create a personal space for conversation by incorporating a brightly patterned rug and adding luxury fabric tossed pillows that invite potential home buyers to imagine their friends and family sitting comfortably in the space.

Outdoor Furniture - Home Staging Palm Springs
3. Use your Outside Voice. It’s easy to forget the outdoor space, but we recommend bringing the same level of design detail outside by having fun with color and pattern. Outdoor rugs are an easy way to define a dining or living room space next to your pool or outdoor bar.

Dining Room Furniture - Home Staging Palm Springs
4. Make it a Dinner Party. Hosting the perfect dinner party is quintessential to desert living. The right art, accessories, and lighting can help potential home buyers imagine the smart and lively conversations they’ll play host to when they invite their friends to join them. Pro Tip: Use art and rugs to add bold statements that can be updated depending on the theme of the dinner party.

Contemporary Bar Furniture - Home Staging Palm Springs
5. The kitchen isn’t just for cooking. Some of the best conversations happen when we aren’t cooking in the kitchen. Create the perfect space for a long coffee talk by adding counter height seating around the center island.

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