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Whether you go field glam, indie-chic or the not-trying-too-hard vintage, there are a ton of options to fit everyone’s style inspiration.  Ladies and gentlemen, start planning your bohème outfits, now.

Here is a guide to getting the look best suited for you.

  1. Worn, comfy Levis: Do Levi’s ever really go out of style? Distressed is in, and we have a ton of Levis at our stores for you to wear as is or cut and patch to suit your distinct style.
  2. Flower or fringe…anything:  Fringe is in! And where else can you get away with wearing a flower crown? Check out our stock of bright and flowery Tommy Bahamas camisoles, skirts and dresses – perfect for layering.
  3. Cheap sunglasses: A killer pair is a must for the hot desert sun. And colorful sunnies are a festival must.
  4. Colorful scarf: Why? Because not only are scarves an awesome fashion accessory, they can help keep you warm when the sun has gone down in Indio.  Choose a color that complements your casual or funky look or your skin tone. Scarves should make a statement without overwhelming your outfit. Try a longer scarf on your head for that sassy, hippie look!  Think of it as a sweaty hair saver.
  5. Ankle boots: Booties are light enough for the day, but protect your feet from all the dust as you dance the day away.
  6. Onesie or Kimono: You’ll not only feel comfortable, but will look effortlessly cool.  Be ultra-bohemian with a breezy kimono-style cover-up.
  7. Widebrim or boater hat: Block just the right amount of sun and ooze style with a topper. Beat the heat in style.
  8. Black:  It’s okay if you’re not into the bright, flowing dresses. Black never goes out of style. Use it to achieve that punk rock look. Add some key pieces like chokers or dangly earrings. And leather will always have its place at concerts.
  9. Maxi skirt: They’re long, comfy and stylish all at the same time. Pair a printed one with a simple, triangle top for the perfect style duo.
  10. Colored hair: If there were ever a time to use that wash out blue hair spray – Coachella would be it. A pop of color is always an awesome accessory.

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