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I hope this finds you all well, staying healthy, and staying home. By staying home, we are all doing our part to flatten the curve and stop this terrible virus and its impact on the most vulnerable among us.  To keep you informed, we’re sharing Desert AIDS Project FAQ’s below and a message from DAP’s CEO with an urgent appeal for support.  I encourage you to read it and consider how together, we can help DAP continue its vital work during this crisis. For years, Revivals has proudly donated 100% of our profits to DAP, but for now, we remain closed and unable to fundraise.  We hope that changes soon.  We hope you stay well.  Together, we will get through this.

Dane Koch, Director of Retail


A Message From Desert AIDS Project CEO David Brinkman

We will not let this pandemic win. We did not let AIDS win and neither will COVID-19.

DAP moved quickly and opened a COVID-19 triage clinic.  Every day, the number of people seeking care in our clinic nearly doubles.  The clinic is playing a vital role in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.       

“I started showing symptoms today. I called DAP’s hotline and your nurse Kimmie was amazing. 10 mins later I got to DAP and must tell you I was BEYOND IMPRESSED with the professionalism of each person along the journey. I am a huge operations nerd, so when I tell you this experience was flawless from beginning to end, I sincerely mean it.

It truly felt as though you had been doing this process for years.

Sending my love and thanks to team DAP for your amazing support of OUR community.

A grateful patient.

While I update you on this, I am acutely aware that not one person receiving this note is unaffected.  If you’re receiving this and you’re in need, we are here for you. If you have symptoms call our Coronavirus Hotline at  760-992-0407.

The impact of COVID-19, for all of us, is both physical and economic. Businesses and organizations that once flourished, including Revivals and The DAP Dental Clinic – are now closed. Events across the Valley, have been cancelled resulting in the loss of millions in revenue.

To address a projected $2.5 Million financial loss, yesterday, I made several strategic decisions to protect our agency ensuring our care remains during and after this crisis.

– Senior leadership was reduced by 25% with all other members of the leadership team taking cuts in compensation, including myself.

– 40% of DAP and Revivals team members were laid off, furloughed, or had hours reduced.

This crisis is creating an increased demand for our services at the very time we have less team members to do the work.

If you’re in position to do so, please give today.

I ask each of you to take inspiration from DAP’s founders.  Thirty-six years ago, the people who stood in our shoes had no idea what the future held. There was fear, loss and suffering.  But there was also love and compassion, a commitment to fight for our patients’ lives, and a determination to never give up no matter the set back.

Whether you can give or not, please know DAP is here for you during these times. Whether you contract COVID-19 or not. Whether you live with HIV or not.  DAP was made for moments like these and we will do all we can to help this community.

Together, we will get through this.

In solidarity,
David Brinkman, Chief Executive Officer

P.S. If you have questions or are struggling to navigate the myriad sources of information to trust, visit our dedicated webpage for answers to frequently asked questions in both English and Spanish.

Click here to donate to Desert AIDs Project’s Emergency response to COVID-19.


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