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We all have it. That old bookcase that just doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of your house; the dresser that just is just plain boring; the chairs you received from your mom whose upholstery is a screaming no-no. There are pieces of our furniture that call out to us upon arrival home each night to do something about them. Most of us also have been to a secondhand store to see so many “potentials” – pieces of furniture that we wouldn’t dare put in our home with the current color scheme, but the structure is so cute! What’s a furniture lover to do? Luckily for us there are many options to help our current pieces or bring to life a not-so-cute vintage piece.

.   The paint colors are vibrant and rich. The website also has numerous video tutorials to walk you through how to paint with milk paint (it is a bit different than regular paint) as well as idea pieces to get you started with your own furniture piece. You can go as simple or as complex as your heart desires – from a single beautiful paint job to painting patterns & designs into your furniture piece – it really is up to you.

Upholstery. From dining room chairs, to couches & sofas, to headboards, a new upholstery job is one of those tricks that can immediately transform a piece and a room. Picking out your fabric is one of the most fun moments. You can go in any direction you want – modern, eclectic, vintage, or retro. You are only limited by your imagination! Think about your room that the piece is in, what would be a complementary color design? What is the style of the room? After this, there are a plethora of tutorials online along with images and videos to help you in this undertaking. A good selection of tutorials and ideas can be found on this Pinterest board: You can even paint your upholstery if you’d like!

Hardware. Sometimes this item goes overlooked, but it is essential to complete your look. A dresser with a beautiful paint job, needs some equally beautiful hardware to match. If you are going rustic, think of darker pieces, with nature motifs. A modern cabinet can have sleek hardware that don’t overpower your new piece, but only finalizes it. If you are going vintage, visit a secondhand store like Revivals for unique hardware pieces.

Now the adventure begins! Have fun with this and let your artistic side come out.
Enjoy creating!

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