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Small-space decorating can be a challenge, but choosing the right furniture and following the right home décor tricks is the easiest way to make your small space count.
You don’t need to give up on fabulous home décor ideas just because you live in tight quarters.

Home Décor Trick #1: Tables & Chairs
Console tables are the perfect solution to save space and provide a lovely dressing area. Opt for sofas and armchairs with raised legs, which can create a sense of space.

Home Décor Trick #2: Material, Girl (& Guy)
Choose materials that don’t obstruct sight lines. Supplement substantial pieces with lighter, wire mesh furniture to add texture, without heaviness. And if adding drapes, stick to sheer.

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Home Décor Trick #3: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Mirrors not only portray the fairest of them all, but can create lovely illusions of space. Mirrored furniture adds dimension and reflects light, making rooms appear larger. Embrace art deco with painted mirror frames or antique glass. Placing a mirror near a window to reflect the outdoors is especially effective.

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Home Décor Trick #4: Think Versatility
Floor-to-ceiling shelving will help you create more space to store all those amazing vintage books you’ve been collecting. This trick will also expand how high your ceilings look. Use a chest as a coffee table, or an ottoman as a seat.

Home Décor Trick #5: Get High…in Bed      

A bed on risers can give way to more storage below. Head over to your nearest resale or vintage shop to find the perfect design for your new bed skirt.

Home Décor Trick #6: Lighten Up
Use a color scheme that’s light rather than bright or dark. White can especially open up any room and make it look bigger than it is. And let the light in. Allow natural light with large windows and sheer or pulled back curtains.

Home Décor Trick #7: In Living Color
Don’t be afraid of color, either. Furniture that is the same color as your walls will widen your space. Clever contrasts like cream and icy blue are one of many great combinations. Also try giving pops of color with pale gray and light greens. Color coordinate your books or decorations, which can create a streamlined look. Interior decorators often will paint the trim and molding lighter than the walls. This gives a sense that the walls are pushed back more than they actually are.

Home Décor Trick #8: Artsy Fartsy
You can still add drama to small spaces. Create a focal point with one prominent item like large wall art or a dining table. Limit the remaining items to a minimum. And decorate with rugs! A large area rug is a good way to give your apartment a few extra square inches of space.

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Home Décor Trick #9: The Simple Life
Unclutter. Create organized storage wherever possible. Not only will this open the room, but will give you a sense of organization and peace. Bookcases with enclosed compartments are a perfect solution for hiding everyday clutter.

Home Décor Trick #10: Be Consistent
Use one neutral tone throughout, when designing common areas. Tie rooms together using paint, rugs and furniture.
A sense of spaciousness and comfort can still be achieved in a smaller space. Make your small house live large.
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