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For the past 4 weeks, our Revivals Cathedral City staff & volunteers have been working day & night to create an amazing experience for all of our incredible customers. And, while we have missed seeing all of your bright & shiny faces, we know in our hearts that every moment of this remodel will be worth it. With brand new carpet, fresh new paint, new fixtures & counters, plus a funky –cool wall of light…you’re not going to know what hit you!! Further, we even have a new store manager, Thomas Hengy who is looking forward to meeting all of our Revivals customers.

At Revivals, giving our customers a top shelf encounter is what we love to do! From the moment you walk in, we want you to feel welcomed, we want you to feel like shopping, we want you to have fun and find all of the bargains you came for. And, we want you to leave feeling like you had the best experience ever and not only will you come again, but you’ll tell your friends’ too! We want you to tell your friends that Revivals Rocks!

For all of our incredible volunteers who have worked day & night beside us, we want to Thank you!! Revivals relies on the generosity & support of our 250+ active volunteers for its day-to-day operations and we are always looking for new volunteers who want to make a difference and want to join a positive & winning team! Opportunities that exist include New Furniture Sales, Cashiers, Customer Service Reps and Stock Processing. For more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Melanie Jones at 760-969-5749 or

See you in October!


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