shutterstock_160669196You already know that Revivals has an exclusive selection of gently-used clothing, housewares, appliances, and more at amazing consignment prices. But did you know that there are even better bargains and hidden gems to be found every day right behind our main showroom Monday through Friday 8AM to 10AM? If you haven’t yet, you simply must come discover the Revivals Clearance Center!

The Clearance Center is for the serious bargain hunter, forager of deals, and dollar-savvy shopper who doesn’t mind a little ding on their side table, or a smudge on their shirt. There are also plenty of items in great condition that have come direct from our showroom. And considering that all clothes are only $.25, we think it’s worth a drop in. Don’t you?

The inventory found in our Clearance Center fall into two categories. Clothes, furniture, housewares, and other items that didn’t find a home during their stay on the main showroom floor, and pieces that are slightly soiled or damaged. The good news is that even at such incredibly low prices, these slightly soiled or damaged items can still be washed or fixed.

Our goal is to refresh our main floor merchandise every week to 30 days at the most. Clearance clothes and furniture are updated more frequently, about every few days, so there’s always something new to discover among the mélange of garments and goods. Jewelry, housewares, and furniture are all individually priced to move.

Need another reason to come check out the values at Revivials? Remember that all of your purchases and your donated and consigned items are all helping to benefit your neighbors at the Desert AIDS Project, a vital part of medical and comprehensive support services for people living with HIV/AIDS in the desert community.

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